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RCM Advanced
RCM Advanced is the essential software for time-keeping and race management. RCM Advanced is based on RCM Ultimate but limited in several parts. RCM Advanced is the optimal solution for clubs or single persons to organize small and medium size race-events. Performance survey:     automatic and manual arrangement of the qualification heats     qualification results according to laps and time     best time in qualification     point system in qualification     automatic arrangement of the finals according to electric and I.C. rules     list of participants with frequencies and transponder numbers     ranking list after qualification     results including lap times     final result Compared with RCM Ultimate RCM Advanced is limited in the following parts:     max. 10 section     max. 5 hosts     max. 2 tracks per host     max. 4 transponder sets     max. 2 section per event     max. 40 participants within a section per event     qualification and final modes are limited The concept of RCM Advanced is a server-client architecture. To avoid that RCM Advanced is overloaded with complex and partly customer specific needs special functions not related to the time keeping have been realized in client-programs, which connect to RCM Advanced. To use these clients you have to install a network. RCM Publisher (result publishing in the drivers area), RCM Voice (separate Voice announcements), and RCM Signal (signal control) support RCM Advanced and can help you with the race organization.
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