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RCM Beginners With RCM Beginners you start a race with some drivers without registering groups of the drivers before. The personal transponder will be indicated when the drivers are detected by the loop,. During the race the transponder number can be replaced with the driver’s name and the race results i s displayed with the driver’s name in the future. After the end of a race the result will be printed. Features Overview:     Personal data with first Name, last Name and one transponder number     Register transponder automatically     Transponder can be assigned to a name during a race     Set the race duration     Group or single start     Lap and time or best lap can be counted     Result printout     Store printouts on a individual name     Language is adjustable or a new one can be created     Last configuration setup is stored The concept of RCM Beginners is a server-client architecture. To avoid that RCM Beginners is overloaded with complex and partly customer specific needs special functions not related to the time keeping have been realized in client-programs, which connect to RCM Beginners. To use these clients you have to install a network. RCM Publisher (result publishing in the drivers area), RCM Voice (separate Voice announcements), and RCM Signal (signal control) support RCM Beginners and can help you with the race organization.
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